Thursday, July 2, 2009

Alira Astro

Meet the Original MyTattooGirl: Alira Astro, German tattooed dominatrix extraordinaire.

I used to date Alira back in the day while I was living in Germany and it's because of her transformation, from Plain Jane girl-next-door to tattooed sex goddess, that the site exists today. She's got so many crazy tattoos, like the star tattoos on her nipples and the demon pussy, and I got photos and video of it all. Oh, and you'd better believe we've got plenty of her having sex.

Today, Alira is now a well-known dominatrix in our native Germany, and even though she made that decision on her own, I like to think I at least played a part in turning her into the sex-crazed tattoo addict she is today!

- Sascha Libido

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