Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Do Nipple Tattoos Hurt?

To fallow our "Do Pussy Tattoos Hurt?", we decided to do another one, but in Nipple tattoos.

From my own personal experience, nipple tattoos are not the easiest to get done. The most painful area, I thought, was the very center of the nipple. It was a confusing feeling I have to say! From arousing to extremely painful. It was just too much! But the end results are always wonderful!

From the females with nipple tattoos that we interviewed, 89% said getting their nipples tattooed was the most painful tattoo experience they have gone through. From that 89%, most said their areola was what was in pain the most.

The other 11% of females with nipple tattoos that we interviewed said getting their nipples tattooed made them experience pain just like any other tattoo, but it was not the most painful area for them to get ink. Part of the 11% said they got turned on by the action around THAT sensitive spot.

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Do Pussy Tattoos Hurt?

MyTattooGirls did a poll on Pussy Tattoos, and
surprisingly only 53% of the females interviewed
said, "oh my tattoo down there didn't hurt."

To our surprise, the other 47% of females
interview with their pussies tattooed said the
area numbed after a while so the process was not as painful as thought to be.

We found out that the most painfull area in the pussy to get tattooed is closest to the clitoris due
to the amount of sensitivity in that oh so wonderful spot.

To see more pictures of Tabitha James' Pussy Tattoo process, go to
Also, check out our videos on ou YouTube Channel.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sexy Feet Tattoos

Oops…Now that’s the naughty way of showing off your tattoos. Star tats trend is not new but the way this gal has showed off her tats is sure to pinch your attention. Mischievously naughty…:)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vegas Tattoo Convention

Latest news from the tattoo world is the World’s Largest Tattoo Convention held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. Hosted by tattoo tycoon and film maker, Mario Barth Tattoo, the grand event magnetized tattoo freaks from all over. Showcasing some of the world’s top artists and traditional tattoo masters, the event blending rock, art, entertainment and everything related to skin art and body modification was a hit. Renowned people including Tommy Lee, Jack Osbourne, Mark McGrath Steve Jones, Billy Morrison, Duff McKagan, Mix Master Mike and Evan Seinfeld and many others gathered under the same roof to show off their tattoo fervor

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Covering Up Tattoos in Japan

Just when it’s beginning to look like tattoos are slowly gaining more mainstream acceptance in Japan, things end up going in the opposite direction. In this case, the opposite direction happens to be a zero tolerance policy toward tattoos.

Japan has just played host to the 2009 Bledisloe Cup, a rugby tournament which, as near as I can tell is only played between two teams. I’m sorry, but at this time if it isn’t glaringly obvious that I know nothing about rugby, then I confessing that as far as this famous match between New Zealand (The All Blacks) and Australia (The Wallabies) goes, I’m clueless. Sorry. I do know that I once unintentionally risked a beating at a pub, after asking a Kiwi guy if the rugby that they play in Australia is the same as the stuff they play in New Zealand. Who knew that was a sore spot.

Anyway, speaking of sore spots, this whole edition of the Bledisloe Cup in Japan is one giant sore spot. I guess that in the sport of rugby, it’s often common for the different teams to train by working out in a swimming pool. These are then referred to as “pool sessions”.

When is this going to start being about tattoos, you ask? Right now! So these pool sessions are open to the public. The problems begin once it becomes obvious that many of the rugby players on both teams are tattooed. Being tattooed is apparently such an offensive act in Japan, that the players were are all asked to cover up during the pool sessions. That means that the players had to wear training vests, which covered them from the waist up (arms too). This way, the tattoos were not on display. According to this article, the players were asked to cover up in accordance with Japanese

I don’t think so. I’ve lived in Tokyo and have friends who tattoo in Tokyo and never have I heard that tattoos are disrespectful toward Japanese culture. What I did hear and to a lesser degree experience, was the general fear of tattoos, due to the belief that they are reserved for members of the Japanese mafia: the yakuza. I just don’t feel that it’s fair to rely on misguided stereotypes and then hide under the defense of it being part of any culture. The organizers of this event should reconsider setting future Bledisloe Cups in Japan if a certain degree of tolerance can not be expected toward the visiting teams.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lower Back Tattoos

The popularity of lower back tattoos is completely monumental. 20% of women have one -- quite a large percentage. That completely staggers the percentage of women who have some other kind of tattoo, only 5% of women have one on another part of the body.

This specific location is a part of the body that gets a lot of attention from men in the first place, and it serves to bring a lot more attention to it.

The downside to their popularity is they have gained a bit of a bad reputation. The most common name for them is "tramp stamps", implying that a woman with ink on her lower back is promiscuous. This comes from the fact that with low-cut pants or a short top, a design on the lower back is visible, if only a little bit. It's very easy to purposefully or accidentally give a peek.

Despite the reputation that comes with getting a tat on the lower back, their popularity is always increasing.

Tribal designs and flowers are very popular tattoos for the that location.

With the huge array of designs to choose from, one thing is for sure: The popularity of lower back tattoos isn't going to decrease anytime soon.

Article from: Ezine Articles


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Capri Cavalli Gets Down and Dirty for MTG

Just one simple question: Is Capri Cavalli or IS CAPRI CAVALLI SMOKING FUCKING HOT?! Yeah, that's what we thought!

The hot little body, the amazing tan, that seductive accent, subtle ink. MyTattooGirl material.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lamar and Khloe,
In Love with Tattoos

As if getting married after knowing each other for about two minutes wasn't bad enough, Los Angeles Laker forward Lamar Odom and wife Khloe Kardashian—famous for... well, for being famous, I guess— recently took their relationship a step further on yet another spur-of-the-moment decision.

They got their significant other's initials tattooed on their hands. That's right. Lamar got "KO" and Khloe got "LO," and I believe odds-makers in Vegas have officially set the over-under of their marriage lasting at next month sometime.

Now, before you all jump my ass and claim that these two really do love each other and it's their body and this, that and the other, let me just say that if it works out, great. Congrats.

All things considered, however, I don't see these two staying together through even one Laker championship. One of the biggest mistakes people admit to making with tattoos is getting the names, initials or physical likeness of their lovers, boyfriends, fiancees or spouses somewhere on them. It's a curse. They end up breaking up and have that tattoo as a daily reminder. Oh well.

Lamar, good luck with the most troubled of the Kardashians.

Khloe, if you ever wanna get naked for us and have that tattoo lasered-off or covered-up, you know where to find us!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Atomic Tattoo's "Tats for Tatas"
Raises Money for Breast Cancer Research

The folks over at Atomic Tattoos are hoping that the work they do saves lives.

During the month of October, the Tampa Bay-based company will be taking 10% of all sales from their 13 studios and donating it to the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation. Also as part of the fundraising drive they're calling "Tats for Tatas," each studio will be selling limited-edition Pink Ribbon tattoos for $50, as well as $15 pink body jewelry. All tattoo sessions of $100 or more will also be discounted by $50 and everyone participating will also receive a $25 gift certificate toward future work.

For more information regarding Atomic Tattoos, the "Tats for Tatas" campaign or to find their nearest studio, click here.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Zoey Holloway Gets Oiled-Up!

Tattooed MILF Zoey Holloway + Baby Oil - Clothes = AMAZING VIDEO! Can't really say much more than that!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kagney Linn Karter
Shoots at MTG Studios

Today at the MyTattooGirls studio, we had a full day of hot naked chicks walking around the hallways and getting fucked really hard for another company shooting here.

Among those girls was the one and only Kagney Linn Karter, who we all agreed has one of the nicest asses on a whiter girl that we've seen in quite some time. Truly amazing ass!

On top of shooting for companies such as Hustler, Penthouse, Evil Angel and Brazzers, Kagney also runs her own website,, as well as her live webcam site,

Kagney will host her first live show on this Saturday, Oct. 10, from 7-8 p.m. PST.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The MyTattooGirls "Taste Test"

So, we were searching online when we came across some photos of some heavily, heavily ultra-super-modified genitalia, which is pretty much just another day at the office for us.

Nevertheless, we here at MyTattooGirls want to know what you think looks better, sexier, more artistic, more hardcore. Whatever you want to use as criteria, go for it. We just want your opinion.

Heavily modified pussy or dick?

Now, guys, we all know that you're all probably going to be too scared to admit that the dude's split cock looks pretty fucking wicked—yeah, I fucking said it, the dude's dick is badass!—but would you do it yourself? Ladies, would you suck on it? (Or is it them, since the dude really has two fucking heads to his penis?!)

Feel free to send us your comments, good, bad or indifferent.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Trisha Rey Gets Tattooed for MTG

Trisha Rey is one crazy sexy porn chick!

We got her down to a local tattoo shop to get her leg worked on and she was all over the fucking place! Couldn't hold her down or under control. Gotta love a girl who's so wild!

For more of Trisha Rey, you'll be able to catch her on in the very near future.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tattoed Bikers Do Good, Too

It's been said that the only people tattoos are thugs and sailors and we as a tattooed community still get a bad rep.

Yeah, we'll be the first to admit that we've got a bunch of tattooed girls getting naked and having sex on, but they're not bad people. They just like sex. Outside of porn, they live normal active lives and do good within their respective communities.

Also doing some good in the world are the fine folks at Rescue Ink, a New York-based group of tattooed biker animal activists saving abused and neglected animals from the mean streets of the Big Apple.

The story of these eight inked individuals working for the greater good of the Animal Kingdom will be chronicled on the "Rescue Ink Unleashed," which premieres on the National Geographic Channel Sept. 25 at 10 p.m.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

RudeTV Goes on Hiatus

In a move engineered to both cut costs and reformat their existing broadcast schedule, RudeTV has announced plans to temporarily close their studio doors with tentative plans for re-launch in the near future.

“Due to the current financial climate, we, not unlike many other companies, are looking for ways to trim our budget while still continuing to provide quality programming to our loyal RudeTV fan community. Unfortunately, at this time that plan must include temporarily ceasing studio operations”, says RudeTV’s Marketing Director, Chandie Foster.

“We are looking forward to developing a new format for the site to provide the community and the performers an exciting new direction that we will be moving towards in the future.”

According to Foster, will remain online and all archived shows will still be available for viewing. All affiliate links for will redirect to our flagship website and no affiliates will lose credit or earnings during the transition. Details on the re-launch date were not immediately available.

Among the shows on RudeTV was "Ink Addicts" on Monday nights, hosted by Baadmaster and MyTattooGirl Regan Reese. In the last year, Sacha Libido, Tabitha James and Kitten have all made appearances on the show, which can be seen in the archives at, as noted by Foster.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We Support MTG with Throat Tattoos!

Some people wear t-shirts to promote their favorite brands and products, whether its the G.I. Joe cartoon, Lucky Charms cereal or Apple computers.

Others... well, we take it a step further and get tattooed.

A San Francisco-based website yet to be launched, recently sponsored "Free Tattoo Day," giving eight lucky individuals the opportunity to become a lifetime human billboard whatever product they choose by permanently inking their logo into their flesh.

Here at, we have two individuals with such tattoos promoting our own brand—site owner Sascha Libido and model Alira Astro, both of whom have the tribal-style MTG logo emblazoned across their throats.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Tricia Oaks Gets Tattooed for MTG

Smoking hot pornstars, butt-naked, getting tattooed and pierced, and having sex.

That's what we're all about at—nothing less than extreme hardcore tattooing and piercing sessions with some of the sexiest women on the planet.

If you don't believe us, check out this video of Tricia Oaks getting her sleeve done in the nude!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Super-Sexy Adult Film Star Angie Savage
Gets Tattooed by L.A. Ink's Nikko Hurtado

A couple months ago, we broke the news here that smoking hot adult film star Angie Savage was going to be getting work done by the one and only Nikko Hurtado, celebrity tattoo artist to the stars, and that we'd have footage of the session as soon as it got edited and became available.

Here at MTG, our word is as good as Angie looks!

Watch as Angie—with her pet chihuahua Pickle Savage by her side—gets the angel wings on her back redone, topless and showing off her tight little body.

When It Comes to Extreme Hardcore,
MTG Smokes the Competition!

Oh my God! Burning What?! Suicide Who?!

We've got your not-so-godly and nowhere-near-angelic burning suicide girl right here in the form of tattooed MILF Jodi, who's somehow found herself trapped, tied to a cross and surrounded by a blazing ring of fire.

These other sites just talk about being hardcore, claiming to be the most extreme out there on the web, but here at, we not only talk the talk and walk the walk, but we talk the walk and walk the talk, all day, everyday.

Amina and 99 Have a Tattoo Party,

Some girls—and even a few guys I know—will go into their local tattoo shop and just settle for some tribal design on their arm or their significant other's names over their chests. Nothing special, just plain and simple designs in the usual areas. Pretty boring stuff, if you ask me.

Not Amina and 99.

These girls go all-out on their ink. It might not be the craziest designs, but the places these girls are getting inked... FUCKING NUTS! Amina got her face done with a diamond on her forehead and they both got their nipples and assholes tattooed with stars. It wasn't just over the course of a few weeks either, but all in one fucking day.

One face, four nipples, two assholes. All tattooed in a matter of hours. That is some extreme shit. That right there is the kind of tattoo party you can find at MyTattooGirls!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Exotic Beauty Lana Gives MTG the Finger
While Sascha Gives Her His Dick!

We don't really know much about Lana other than the fact that she's an exotic beauty who had the craziest fucking idea to get two microdermal anchors in her middle finger.

As crazy as that shit is, along with the amazingly mind-blowing sex we had immediately after, do you really need to know anything else about the girl?! Her name's Lana, she's hot, she's crazy enough to get microdermals in her finger. End of story.

Monday, August 31, 2009

MyTattooGirls BTS Video:
Tory Lane and Zoey Holloway Talk Tattoos

Apparently, the photo posted from last week's shoot between Tory Lane and Zoey Holloway wasn't enough to quench your horny appetites. You all wanted more, so here's more. For your viewing pleasure, here's some behind-the-scenes video from our MyTattooGirls YouTube channel.

For more of MyTattooGirls, visit us on all of our sites and networking profiles:

Friday, August 28, 2009

Jessica Bangkok Shows Off Her Ink to MTG

As if one smoking hot Asian pornstar wasn't enough for one day, we also had Jessica Bangkok at the office today, showing off her ink to the guys at before shooting some boy-girl-girl content with Asa Akira for another production company using the studio.

Even though she says she's not ready for more ink than what she already has on her lower back, Jessica is yet another girl we're going to have to work on getting onto the site!

Asa Akira Graces MTG Studios
with Her Gorgerous Presence

Today at the MTG Studios, we had cute little Japanese porn starlet Asa Akira visiting us in the office prior to a shoot.

A native of New York, the 5-foot-2 Asa has been in porn for about a year and has shot for some of the hottest companies on the market, but has yet to shoot for despite ink on her shoulder, ankle and forearm. We'll have to fix that.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Over Here at,
We're All About Fun, Games and Face Tattoos!

At, we're always looking for crazy tattoos and piercings that push the boundaries of imagination: Microdermals in fingers, Prince Alberts, pussy and asshole tattoos, shit you'd never see get done on L.A. Ink.

Now, looking at this guy, it makes me wonder a couple of things: One, chess or checkers? Two, is there anyone on this planet more crazy and badass as this motherfucker?

Seriously, this dude has some crazy shit going on. I don't even know what's up with his chest and sleeves and whatever else he has on his body, but that face tattoo is fucking awesome. Throw some fucking chess pieces on there, a pawn, a rook, king, queen, whatever, or some checker pieces.

Even better, pierce a fucking spoon, fork and plates into his chrome dome and have a picnic!

This here isn't some Kimberley Vlaminck bullshit with 56 tiny little stars and some whining to boot. This shit here is what you'd call hard-to-the-motherfucking-core! If there was a MyTattooGuys, this dude would be our spokesperson.

So, to all of the crazy tattooed and pierced freaks of the world, we here at MyTattooGirls salute you!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Porn Starlets Tory Lane and Zoey Holloway
Get Down and Dirty for MTG

Tuesday night was another amazing night here at the MyTattooGirls studio.

First we had Zoey Holloway doing some solo masturbation for We even got her to dress-up as Wonder Woman, and lemme tell you, if Megan Fox won't take the role, Zoey's a dead ringer for Lynda Carter, which is a major compliment coming from a guy who busted plenty of nuts to the original Wonder Woman!

Later on in the even, we had Tory Lane join the party and we had her and Zoey in here, fucking, sucking, getting all kinds of nasty while Sascha Libido tattooed Zoey's shoulder in the middle of fucking!

Really, there's not much more that can be said, is there?

Two gorgeous girls, check. One of the two gorgeous girls dressed up as Wonder Woman, check. Hot sex with two gorgeous girls, check. Tattooing during sex with two gorgeous, check.

Like I said, just another amazing night at MyTattooGirls.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Regan Reese Gets Hardcore for!

When it comes to inked porn stars, there's not very many girls in the business who shine quite as brightly as the one and only Regan Reese.

Getting her start in the industry in 2005, Regan has shot somewhere in the neighborhood of about 200 scenes—including some previous work featured on—feature danced all over the U.S., co-hosted RudeTV's web show "Ink Addicts," landed roles in a handful of mainstream movies and TV shows—including a 2008 episode of Dexter—and learned the trade of sound engineering, having worked with a number of rock bands.

Some way, somehow, the New Jersey transplant has also managed to find the time to work her way up to 28 tattoos from head-to-toe, while also running her website,

Monday, August 24, 2009

MyTattooGirls Hits Tattoo Hollywood

After missing out on the last couple of local tattoo conventions due to prior commitments, we made sure to hit Tattoo Hollywood this past weekend at the Grand Ballroom of the Renaissance Hotel.

Along with plenty of tattooing and piercing going on throughout the convention hall, there was a seminar presented by artist Shawn Barber and more than 30 contests from Friday through the end of the day Sunday, with winners for Tattoo of the Day receiving machines from Lucky Supply.

The pre-show festivities opened with an art show featuring the work of Bob Roberts titled, "Alive: The Chosen Views of Bob Roberts," which was held at Canvas L.A.

All-in-all, the attendance left a little something to be desired, but having a much more intimate setting for a tattoo convention was definitely a nice touch.

Hunter Bryce Gets Pierced by Two Needles

Man, the crazy shit that some of these girls will do to get inked and pierced.

This weekend, we had sexy Latina porn starlet Hunter Bryce come into the studio to get some work done and to shoot some content, but not just your run-of-the-mill porn. No, no, no.

Bryce wanted to get her the nipples on her nice, round 34D tits pierced, so we pierced them.

Then, she also wanted to get her wrist tattooed, so we got her wrist tattooed... while she was in the process of getting fucked! (You don't think you were going to let her get away with just a simple little wrist tattoo, did you?!)

In hindsight, it might actually be the crazy shit that these girls do to get fucked. I don't know, but either way we all walk away getting what we want!

Jodi Caged-Up and Behind Bars

When Jodi came out here to visit us late last week to shoot content and hang-out with Sascha and the crew, I don't think she imagined that she'd be spending quite so much time locked-up.

We first put her into a jail cell, naked and deprived of sex, but we did give her bread and water. Then, when the freedom of being able to move around became a little too much of a comfort, we placed her into a smaller cage, which only seemed to bring out the wild woman in her.

In the end though, she got fucked good and hard, which is our idea of serving "hard time" at, and we dropped all charges once she dropped to her knees.