Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Do Nipple Tattoos Hurt?

To fallow our "Do Pussy Tattoos Hurt?", we decided to do another one, but in Nipple tattoos.

From my own personal experience, nipple tattoos are not the easiest to get done. The most painful area, I thought, was the very center of the nipple. It was a confusing feeling I have to say! From arousing to extremely painful. It was just too much! But the end results are always wonderful!

From the females with nipple tattoos that we interviewed, 89% said getting their nipples tattooed was the most painful tattoo experience they have gone through. From that 89%, most said their areola was what was in pain the most.

The other 11% of females with nipple tattoos that we interviewed said getting their nipples tattooed made them experience pain just like any other tattoo, but it was not the most painful area for them to get ink. Part of the 11% said they got turned on by the action around THAT sensitive spot.

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